Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes


  1. To introduce students to the major genres of literature, namely prose, poetry and drama;
  2.  To equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the different literary elements involved within each of the genres;
  3. To equip students with the analytical skills required to critically analyze literary texts;
  4. To develop students’ ability to identify and select elements found in literary texts and creatively adapting them for a dramatic performance.

This introductory course aims to provide students a flavor of the major genres of literature- prose, poetry and drama. Through this course, students will study the different characteristics of each genre, identify the literary elements involved, and make sense of their significance in works of literature. Through discussions and written practice, students will also be trained in aspects of critical appreciation.



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Course Evaluation:


1.      Essay 1 (structured personal response to a short story) – 10%

Due: Week 5

2.      Participation in web forum and other web activities 15%

3.      Essay 2 (critical essay-major assignment) – 20%

Due: Week 12

4.      Web Based Teaching materials15%

 Due:  Week 14

 5.    Final Exam – Novel & Poetry - 40%


 Proposed Schedule







General introduction to course/ defining genres / characteristics of the short story  - Uztazah Inayah

Analyzing the  theme and salient features of the short  story Ustazah Inayah  and participate in the  discussion.

Course requirements & procedures.




Setting and plot
Tell Tale Heart

Compare and contrast the setting and plot of  Ustazah Inayah and The Prophesy





Characterization and theme

The Rocking Horse Winner


Analyze the characters in both the stories in greater detail and participate in  quiz.


 Forum 1





Point of View/ Narrative Techniques- A Rose for Emily

Analyzing the point of view and narrative techniques with reference to Everyday Use





Introduction to the novel

Setting and plot.

Analyzing the role of dual setting in developing the plot of Things Fall Apart .

Essay 1 due (15%)

Length: 3-4 pages. Quiz




Characterization and theme



Detailed examination of all the characters and their roles in moving the story – group activity. 



Narrative technique and point of view





Identifying narrative techniques and the point of view employed in Things Fall Apart . Are they the most effective?




Mid Semester Break






Characteristics of a play

Setting and plot

Group work – Examine the various issues raised in Death of a Salesman and the function of setting to enhance the theme



Characterization and theme










Characterization in Death of a Salesman – Task sheet and presentation.

Forum 2


Act  by Act analysis of the Play

Major Issues and conflicts

Start Working on Web Based Activities


Characteristics of poetry

Paraphrasing/ imagery/persona

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

Group work- task sheet-  Paraphrasing/ imagery/persona

Oh, My Love is like a Red, Red Rose   and Do Not Go Gently into that Good Night  


Essay 2 due (20%)

Length: 3-4 pages.



Figurative language


Dulce Et Decorum Est          


A detailed analysis of Tembusu and Ode on a Grecian Urn – group and pair work

Forum 3


Sound- alliteration, assonance,

rhyme scheme

Narrative voice and tone


Mother to Son             


Examining the Sound- alliteration, assonance,

rhyme scheme

Narrative voice and tone with reference to Mother to son and  The eagle                                 





Web Based Activities Due 15%


Final examination



Literary Texts

1.      Short Stories

a.     Ustazah Inayah

b.     The Tell-Tale Heart

c.      The Rocking Horse Winner

d.     Everyday Use

e.     A Rose For Emily

f.       The Prophesy

2.     Novel

a.     Things Fall Apart- Chinua Achabe


3.     Play – Death of a Salesman- Arthur Miller 


4.     Poems

a.     Dulce Et Decorum Est

b.     Sonnet XVIII: Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day

c.      My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose

d.     My Papa’s Waltz

e.     I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

f.       The Eagle

g.     Do Not Go Gentle Into The Goodnight

h.     Ode On a Grecian Urn

i.        Mother To Son

j.       Tembusu


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